Are you looking to achieve balance between your professional and personal lives?

I offer specialised personal assistance that aligns with your lifestyle’s dynamic pace.  I’m here to free you from time-consuming chores, giving you precious hours to enjoy life.

My services include:

Managing reminders for important dates, deadlines, and personal commitments to keep you on track.

Organising events, from virtual meetings to family celebrations,
including venue research, guest lists, and coordination – all tailored to your vision.

Find the perfect gift for your client, colleague or those closest to you, including accompanying cards.

Researching and booking travel arrangements, plus organising itineraries for both business and leisure trips.

Coordinating household tasks, managing household staff and arranging deliveries and collections.

Children support:

Searching for the ideal nanny, tutor, or childcare options tailored to your children’s needs.
Assist with researching and organising school and nursery visits.

Seeking out and securing spots for enriching after-school activities or clubs for holidays and half-terms.

Planning and coordinating memorable parties and events for your little ones.

Contact me to discuss how together we can find the balance you need to make the most of your time!


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