Flexi-Help Hour Package
£ 30 per month

Productivity Pro Package

£ 560 per month
  • 20 hours

Starter Support Package

£ 145 per month
  • 5 hours

Efficiency Expert Package

£ 840 per month
  • 30 hours

Essential Assistant Package

£ 280 per month
  • 10 hours

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30+ hours

Monthly Retainers
•    Starting from just £145 per month.
•    Prioritising your time over ad-hoc tasks, this retainer ensures dedicated support for your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.
•    Retainer packages start at 5 hours per month and are available in a range of options.
•    All retainer hours are to be utilised within the purchase month and cannot be carried over to the next month unless previously agreed upon.
•    Payment must be made in full at the beginning of the month before any work can begin.

Still not sure?
Think of it this way: You gain
all the advantages of an additional team member but without any of the
usual hassles or overhead costs.
Let me handle the following, so you DO NOT have to:
•    Managing tax and National Insurance contributions.
•    Covering sick leave and holiday pay.
•    Taking care of equipment expenses.
•    Streamlining contracts.
•    Taking care of insurance requirements.

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